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Donal Skehan

About Donal Skehan

Donal Skehan is a food writer, food photographer and television presenter living in Dublin, Ireland. Inspired by a family of passionate food lovers who have worked in the food industry for over 60 years, cooking and eating hearty home cooked food has always been a way of life. Throughout his cookbooks and TV series, Donal’s recipes are accessible, inspiring and encouraging for the everyday home cook.

Donal got his start in the world of food when he started a food blog in 2007, he was offered a book deal which coincided with his first television series.  Donal is now one of Ireland’s most popular food profiles.

Apart from food, Donal is an accomplished food photographer and shoots high end images for publishing houses in the UK.

Shows featuring Donal Skehan

Follow Donal... to Vietnam

Follow Donal... to Vietnam

Jet off to the far reaches of Asia with talented young chef Donal Skehan, as he ditches his comfort zone to experience the cultural hotspot of Vietnam - a country rife with fantastic culinary knowledge. Donal immerses himself in the Vietnamese way of life, learning from the locals on how best to prepare some mouthwatering Asian cuisine. Exploring the dynamic capital of Hanoi, Donal soaks up the atmosphere as he enjoys a traditional wake-up call of egg coffee. In the hills of Sapa, he joins up with the Red Dao tribe as they reveal their traditional lifestyle. Stunning street chow, unique oriental recipes, all pitched up on the backdrop of a breathtaking landscape - Donal’s adventure across Vietnam truly broadens the horizons and whets the appetite. Tune into Food Network this August for the premiere of his food voyage. 

Follow Donal.. To Europe

Follow Donal.. To Europe

Hit the road with up-and-coming young chef Donal Skehan, as the popular food vlogger expands his culinary horizons on a backpacking trip across Europe. After the success of his Vietnam tour, Donal is on the hunt for some more home- grown delights as he meets up with some other successful local food bloggers from the continent, and savours an enchanting taste of European culture. In Budapest, he scoffs down some delicious street food before visiting a yearly gourmet festival full of some famous flavours, and a very peculiar delicacy of the region! When he visits Istanbul, Donal is treated to the breakfast of a king, before a rather unusual mouthful of sheep’s head. Through Amsterdam, Lisbon, Krakow, and Stockholm, Donal visits some cultural hotspots packed to the brim with amazing tastes and aromas. There’s a new adventure around every corner for Donal as he unearths some authentic tangs and spices alongside his food blogging peers. Be sure to tune in on his latest voyage, only on Food Network.

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