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M'hencha Celebration Cake

Key info

  • Difficulty
    › Intermediate
  • Prep time
    › N/A
  • Cook time
    › 40 min
  • Serves




     For the Filling:

       350g whole blanched almonds

       50g pistachios, chopped

       380g icing sugar

       400g unsalted butter, softened

       2 large free range eggs

       100 grams dried sour cherries, chopped

       Zest of one lemon

       Zest of one orange

       1 tbsp rosewater

       1 tbsp orange blossom water

       Pinch ground cloves

       12 sheets filo pastry

       Extra butter, melted, for brushing

     For the Garnish:

       2 tbsp extra pistachios, chopped

       Fresh roses/rose petals

{C}{C}       Pared zest of an orange and a lemon

       Icing sugar to dust


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