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Ginormous Food

About the show

Tuesdays from 20 February at 9pm

Forget about supersized foods, there’s a new level of enormous eats to be had – and in Ginormous Food, food fanatic Josh Denny is out to discover them all! This is a gigantic gastronomic adventure to find the biggest – and tastiest – foods in all of America. Starting in his hometown of Philadelphia, Josh discovers the delights of a 4kg (9-pound) superhero sandwich before moving on to Baltimore, where the biggest pizza in the state awaits. But that’s not all – there’s also a 13.6kg (30-pound) stack of pancakes to tackle before Josh hits the road for the historic city of Richmond, where a former fireman is fixing up something called the ‘Flatliner’. One thing’s for sure: Josh will have to loosen his belt in order to tackle this Ginormous Food!

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